Zyl Vardos, the tiny house firm from Olympia, Washington has recently completed yet another unique tiny home model. It’s called Fuchsia and features a number of unique features, such as a downward angled roof. It’s compact and gorgeous, and would make a perfect cabin or even home for two.

The Fuchsia is only 24 ft (7.3 m) long and weighs 10,250 lb (4,649 kg). The exterior cladding is cedar and it is towable. The home features a stable door with a lovely stained glass window as the main entrance. The interior is dominated by an open plan living, dining and kitchen area. The ceiling in this part of the home is quite high and features well-sized skylights which flood the interior with light and make it appear more spacious. The kitchen area is quite small and is fitted with a propane-powered range oven, and a sink. Once the house is completely finished it will also feature a fridge. The bathroom is just off the kitchen, separated from the rest of the space by a sliding door. it is fitted with a normal toilet and a concrete shower cubicle.

The bedroom is located in a loft, which is accessible via a staircase that has integrated storage space. They also installed quite a large closet under the stairs, so storage space is not a problem in this tiny house. The headroom in the loft is adequate.

The Fuchsia must be hooked up to the grid via a standard RV-style hookup for power, while hot water needs are met by an on-demand propane-powered water heater. The tiny home pictured here has already been sold, but it would cost $90,000 to build a new one like it.