The Canadian firm Rewild Homes recently designed a cool new tiny home, which is big enough for two and features a very cozy and comfortable layout. They are calling it Blue Heron, and it can be taken off-grid if the owners so desire.

The Blue Heron rests atop a double axle 24 ft (7.3 m)-long trailer, and the interior measures 250 sq ft (23 sq m). Most of the floorspace is taken up by the lounge and a kitchen. the latter features a four-burner propane range cooker, a stainless steel fridge, a sink and plenty of cabinetry. The sitting area is fitted with a sofa and a corner unit, both of which have a storage area hidden within. Heating is provided via a Morsø wood-burning stove, while they also installed a fan/lighting unit in the lounge area for cooling and aiding ventilation. They left the fir beams exposed, which gives the tiny home character and works to make it appear more spacious.

The bathroom is separated off from the rest of the space by a sliding barn-type door. it is fitted with a composting toilet, sink, shower and a custom-made closet. The bedroom is located in a loft, which is accessible via a set of stairs with built-in storage space. The headroom in this area appears quite generous.

The Blue Heron tiny home is also fitted with a solar power harvesting system. This system is made up of 6 x 285 W solar panels, a 2.8 kW inverter, and 6 x 6 V, 460 Ah batteries. All the lighting is LED, while the home also features an on-demand propane-powered tankless water heater. There is also a hookup on the outside, which allows for connecting the propane to an outdoor barbecue.

The Blue Heron is selling for $78,000, which is quite high, though with all the off-grid features it is still quite affordable.