I don’t know about you, but living in a floating home has always appealed to me. And this floating tiny cabin prototype recently built by the Russian firm BIO Architects would fit the bill perfectly. They are calling it DD16 and it is designed for use in harsh climates, while it also operates off-the-grid.

The DD16 is a prefabricated cabin, which can be installed on water and on land. It is tiny, measuring just 172 sq ft (16 sq m) and includes a deck which measures 75 sq ft (7 sq m). It is designed to sit on pontoons that allow it to float, and can either be craned into position, or helicoptered in. The prototype is currently located on a lake near Moscow, and can be accessed via a rowboat.

The interior of the cabin features a lounge area, with a kitchenette and dining table, while the bedroom and bathroom are set off to the side of this main space. Heating is provided via a wood-burning stove. The frame of DD16 is made of laminated wood with milled ports, which help keep the overall weight down, as well as minimize the cold bridges and gaps. They used polyurethane foam for insulation, which also helped to decrease the weight. Composite aluminum sheets were used for exterior cladding, giving the cabin a seamless exterior surface.

Power is obtained via a solar power array, while water is drawn up from the lake and most likely filtered as well, though this information has not yet been shared. The cabin also features a composting toilet. The cabin has been installed on the lake since November last year, and the fact that it survived a Russian winter says a lot about its durability and its insulation performance.

DD16 is currently being rented out, while they continue to test its performance. There is no word on how much it might cost once it becomes available to the general public, but it does seem like a very good solution for those looking to build a cabin in an isolated area.