One of the biggest issues in tiny home design is where to place the bedroom. Some swear by the loft, others prefer the headroom that comes from having everything on a single level. The Australian firm The Tiny House Company has come up with a brilliant new solution to this dilemma. The bed they installed in their newest creation called Portal, is set on mechanical tracks and can be retracted all the way to the ceiling when not needed.



The Portal tiny house measures 194 sq ft (18 sq m), but its clever, minimalist design makes it appear much more spacious than that. With the addition of the retractable bed, the home has a 8.5 ft (2.59 m) tall sitting area during the day, while during the night, when the bed is lowered the owners get a 11.4 ft (3.5 m) tall bedroom. In this way the full height ceiling of the home is utilized to its greatest potential at all times.

bed night


The home also features ample glazing throughout, which greatly adds to the feeling of spaciousness and aids cross-ventilation. These windows and glass doors were also carefully placed in a way that directs the eye towards he outdoors, further eliminating the sense of being boxed in, which can be a problem when living in small spaces.


The home features a kitchen that runs for half of the length of the house and features a counter, sink, stove, fridge and washer. There is also a foldable table that is ideal for use as a working desk. The home also features a bathroom, which is equipped with a composting toilet and a shower. There is also a grey- and black water filtration in place, and the water filtered through it is used for irrigation. The home features flooring which was made from recycled Australian hardwoods.


This home was designed for sub-tropical climates, and costs from $90,525 to $113,100 to buy, which depends on the appliances, finishes and materials the customer wants included.