Richard Ward of Dallas, Texas has decided to sell his tiny house and downsize to an even smaller home. He built the mobile tiny home Terraform One by himself, but spent the last four months travelling across the US in a modified 2010 Honda Element, and has now decided that even his tiny house is too big for his nomadic lifestyle.

Terraform One measures 250 sq ft (23 sq m) and he built it himself, with the help of Artisan Tiny House. The road trip that made him decide he needs to downsize even further began with the intention of finding a new place to park Terraform One, but in the end Richard saw that even a tiny home was too big for him. The home is very well designed and built though. It was constructed using structural insulated panels (SIPs) that give the house the needed structural strength and insulation. The house rests atop a 32-foot-long gooseneck trailer.



The tiny home is also designed very cleverly. Most of the interior is taken up by a comfy lounge area and a full-sized kitchen. The bedroom is not located in a loft, but instead rests atop a platform on one end of the home, so that it features more than enough headroom. The platform conceals ample storage space, and Richard even found away to hang his bike on the ceiling, which is quite ingenious. There is also a storage loft, which frees up the living area considerably. The sofa in the living area also transforms into a bed. The bathroom features a shower, sink and toilet. The home also features a 110-inch home theatre projection system and an eight-speaker surround sound system.



The home was built a year ago, and Richard is selling it for $75,000. Visit Terraform Tiny House for more info.