Converting a disused bus into a house gives a whole new meaning to living in a mobile home and we’ve seen quite a few awesome examples lately. This latest one is not only a home, but also a mobile hostel, which travels around the best skiing and snowboarding spots in Europe. It was built by Valerie Cook and Tim Boffe of Let’s Be Nomads. They will be travelling across Europe in it for the next 3 years, together with their toddler daughter and their dog.


They converted a 39-foot-long yellow bus for this project, adding quite a few green and sustainable features. They’ve fitted it with a solar power array, which takes care of its’ energy needs. The bus is also fitted with a composting toilet. For insulation they used renewable, chemical-free Doschawol wool insulation, which is also great for regulating the moisture build up that occurs when moving from areas of extreme heat to extreme cold and vice versa. The home is heated by a woodstove.





The interior of the home is very well spaced out too. The front is taken up by the lounge area, which features two rows of banquettes. These were custom built and feature collapsible tables , meaning they can be used for eating or working. When moved away, the space becomes a sitting room with enough room for children to play. The kitchen is next to the sitting area and features a woodstove and a propane-powered four-burner stove. There’s ample counter space, and also lots of storage space in this area. Next is the section with the bunk beds where guests can sleep. The family’s bedroom is located at the back of the bus. The bathroom features a small, but functional shower, sink and composting toilet.



All told, the conversion cost around $55,000. To fund their travels, they are renting out space on the bus, starting at $61 per night. The bus will be touring the Tirol, Austria region until May 2017, stopping at the top places to ski and snowboard. In the summer, they plan to drive up to Norway.