The recently completed NestHouse, built by Jonathan Avery of Tiny House Scotland is quite possibly all a tiny home should be. It’s modern, spacious and cozy, and would fit perfectly into any environment. Living in a tiny home is all about enjoying life to the fullest without the clutter, and NestHouse offers all of that and more.


NestHouse has a high ceiling, which immediately adds to the sense of spaciousness. The home also features an open plan living area, with the sitting room, kitchen and dining area all located in one room without any needless partitions. A nice touch is also the layout, which puts the dining/working table in the center of the space, with the kitchen and lounge area pushed up against the walls. This opens up the space nicely and adds to the sense of spaciousness.


The house is heated by a woodstove, which is located in the center of the sitting area, and the stairs leading up to the loft are coiled around it. This is the first such space-saving solution we’ve seen so far, but it makes sense. There is also room left over under the stairs, which can be used as storage space.


Since nothing is nailed down or attached to the walls, the entire configuration of the lounge area can be moved around, and they also installed a ceiling-hung drying rack in this area, which is a nice touch. The bedroom is located in a loft, which judging by the photos has a decent amount of headroom. The home also features a bathroom, which is equipped with a toilet, sink and even a small bathtub. It is located under the loft.



They used My Snug Shell Concept with Advanced Framing techniques to create the stressed-skin timber frame shell of the home. This is already very well insulated, and it also has an unbroken (save for the windows and door) outer shell of outsulation, which they claim eliminates practically all thermal bridging. The home can be fitted with either double or triple glazed windows.

They will build ten NestHouses next year and donate them as housing for the homeless. Avery is also working on a towable version of the home called NestPod. You can get just the shell of the NestHouse for $21,540, while a larger and better equipped one costs $48,150.