Tiny Homes are without a doubt gaining in popularity, and their uses, as well as designs are, as a result, getting more and more interesting and ingenious. Some people use them as vacation homes, others live in them full time, and still others have turned them into rental properties. Such is the case of River Resort, a tiny home designed by Liberation Tiny Homes, which is currently situated in Egg Harbor, New Jersey.

River Resort rests atop a 28-foot (8.5 m) long trailer and features a shed-type roof. The interior is taken up by a well thought-out lounge, which looks a lot more comfortable to use than the sitting areas of most other tiny homes. The sofa can also be turned into a bed. There is also a small kitchen, which is equipped with a full-size fridge, ample counter space, a sink and stove. This area also features a dining counter, which was made of concrete and reclaimed wood. The interior paneling is birch plywood.

A very interesting design choice for this tiny home was the inclusion of two staircases, which lead to the two sleeping lofts. Normally, tiny homes have one staircase that leads to the main loft, and a ladder that leads to the secondary loft. Each of the lofts in this tiny home measure 8 ft by 8 ft (2.4 by 2.4 m), though the headspace is not very generous in either. Both of the staircases also have integrated storage.

The door leading into the bathroom is actually a reclaimed oak wood barn door. The bathroom itself is quite spacious for a tiny home and features a 4-foot long bathtub. The home also features LED lighting throughout, as well as a 30-amp electrical system and a propane on-demand water heater.

This home can be rented via AirBnb.