Building on a triangle-shaped lot can be tricky, but the firm OOF! Architecture from Australia has found a great way to make it work. The so-called Acute House, which they recently completed in Melbourne is a great piece of modern design. It is wedge shaped and was partially constructed out of repurposed materials, which were left from the demolition of an old cottage that stood on the lot before.

Acute House has a footprint of just 516 sq ft (48 sq m) and measures 1560 sq ft (145 sq m) since they had to use all of the available land. To do this they had to build upwards, as well as find a way to incorporate even the outdoor space into the design of the home. They achieved this by making one tip of the triangle into an outdoor area with it’s own door and wonderful views of the surrounding landscape.

The interior of the home is laid out on several levels. The first level houses the kids’ bedroom and the home office, as well as a guest bathroom. The clever bit in the latter is that they placed the toilet at the tip of the triangle to save space. The home also features an open plan kitchen, living, and dining area. A staircase connects the ground and upper levels of the home, and it is also shaped like a triangle, since it is squeezed into the triangular tip of the home. This allowed them to maximize the available space. The master bedroom is located in the attic, as is the master bathroom. The former is dominated by a large bed, while the latter features an open shower.

A lot of the materials used to construct this home came from the old cottage, which previously stood, on this lot. These materials include wood boards, fencing, doorknobs and vents, which they carefully preserved and reused. They also installed many large windows in the home, which floods it with natural light while also aiding ventilation.

This is a great example of how clever design tactics and some careful planning can lead to creating a comfortable home even in the most challenging situations.