Turning micro spaces into cozy apartments seems to be the answer to the housing crisis in many cities across the world. With the help of transformer furniture and multipurpose units that’s not very hard to do. The latest such successful transformation was recently completed in Milan, Italy. The apartment in question is located in the city’s historical district Brera, and the architects have successfully turned it into a small, but cozy living space.

The apartment was designed by the local firm PLANAIR, and measures just 322 sq ft (30 sq m). It started out as a single space apartment, but they successfully separated it off into several areas by installing several accordion-like partitions, which are made of ash wood. The kitchen and lounge are on one side of the partition, while the sleeping area and dining/work table are on the other. The partitions also open up to reveal plenty of storage space, which helps reduce clutter. The dividing walls can also be moved to open the space up again.

They bed is actually on a raised platform, which could almost be considered a loft. It is accessible via a set of roll out stairs stored underneath it when not in use. They placed the closet under the platform, so everything is within easy reach. The sleeping area can be closed off from the rest of the space by wooden walls, which have holes cut into them to let in some light. It’s an interesting design element, which is reminiscent of the starry night sky. The bathroom is located behind the sleeping platform, but there are no pictures of it.

All in all, this is a very clever renovation, which really makes the most of the available and limited space. This tiny apartment certainly appears much larger than it actually is thanks to the transformer unit they installed.