The latest creation by Tiny Diamond Homes of Colorado stretches the definition of what can be considered a tiny home, but the cozy interior more than makes up for it. The aptly named Purple Monster is 38 ft (11 m) long and weighs 17,000 lb (7,711 kg). It is quite possibly the largest tiny home we’ve seen so far.

The Purple Monster rests atop a custom-made triple-axle gooseneck trailer and has 340 sq ft (31 sq m) of floorspace just on the ground floor. It is 10 ft (3.08 m)-wide, which is over the standard towing limit in the US.

The layout is pretty similar to most other tiny homes on the market. There are two bedrooms, a spacious sitting/dining area, a kitchen and a bathroom. But the extra length and width do make the interior a lot more spacious and comfortable to live in. The home was recently purchased by a young family, so they need all the space they can get.

The house is not yet furnished, but there is a chin-up bar and a large custom-made bench with storage hidden underneath it in the sitting area. The kitchen has a nice amount of counter space and is already fitted with a cooker, a full-size fridge, a washer/dryer combo, a sink and faucet and plenty of cabinet space. The bathroom is equipped with a tub and shower, a sink and a composting toilet.

As for the bedrooms, the master is on the ground level and is quite large, measuring 10 x 10 ft (3 x 3 m). The second bedroom is located in a loft, which is accessible via a staircase that does not have storage space integrated into it. Instead, there is a storage space hidden under the double bed. This bedroom has ample glazing and a sizable desk.

The Purple Monster has a standard RV-style hookup for electricity, while the hot water and heating are provided by a propane forced air furnace. The cost of this home comes to about $80,000.