While I’m not sure I’d dare live in a tent in Australia, there is no denying that the local firm Sparks Architects did an amazing job designing this home. It is located about 20 minutes away from Sunshine Coast in Australia and is surrounded by rainforest. The tent-like roof stretching across this residence provides shade without blocking the magical view the home offers.

The home itself is a rectangular structure, reminiscent of a shipping container though much wider and longer. It’s made of concrete and features plenty of glazing, as well as a spacious deck for lounging and enjoying the outdoors. The home has an open plan layout, with most of the interior space taken up by the living area, dining room and kitchen. The home’s three bedroom are located to the side of this open area, as is the bathroom. The latter is very spacious and is fitted with a tub, sink and toilet. And who doesn’t want to soak in the tub while enjoying the serene view offered by the French window in there?

The roof of the home features fully operable panels, which can be opened up to allow cross-ventilation in the warmer months of the year. When it is cold, the panels are kept closed and offer good insulation. The tent-like roof covering the home also acts as a sort of filter, in the sense that it gives shade while still letting light through, so that the interior is not too dark.

While glass and concrete are certainly not the most sustainable choices as far as building materials go, especially not in a climate such as Australia, the home is mostly kept open, which I think was the architect’s intention. In that way, this home really is a hybrid between a tent and a house.