The West Wing, as this eco shed is called, was recently completed by UK shed-maker Kevin Herbert. About 90 percent of the materials used to construct it were recycled, and it took him eight years to finish it. While this sounds like a long time, the process was a real labor of love and some things shouldn’t be rushed.

The shed is located at the edge of his garden in Berkshire, England, and it is made up of three main sections. The ground floor is comprised of a lounge, workshop and storage place. There is also a loft, which can be used as a bedroom. The shed also features a secret room, hidden behind a bookcase, which can be used as a children’s playroom or bedroom. There is no kitchen or bathroom, but then again, the main function of the shed is to be a place for working or relaxing and the main house is not far away.



The structure is made of wood and features a green roof. For drainage Kevin installed 400 used milk cartons, which he first cut and then layered to serve this purpose. It took him over a year to collect all these cartons, but the effort was certainly worth it. This layer of milk cartons was then covered with about two tons of soil and turf to create the green roof and very effectively insulate the home.


In the UK, where garden sheds are very popular, they also hold an annual Shed of the Year competition. The 2016 award was given to the West Wing, mostly due to its many eco-friendly and sustainable features.

It’s nice to see sustainable builds gaining more and more recognition in architecture competitions, since this will hopefully lead to more mainstream adoption of such building practices.