It’s been awhile since we’ve had news of homes being 3D printed, but now Russian engineer Nikita Chen-yun-tai has made quite a breakthrough. The 3D printer he designed has been used to print a home in just 24 hours. His company Apis Cor has successfully constructed a home that is the first in the world to be built using mobile 3D printing technology.

The home is tiny, measuring just 409 sq ft (38 sq m) and was created mostly to showcase the technology. They also wanted to demonstrate just how flexible their 3D printing technology is, since the printer can be used to build a home of any shape. The laws of physics are the only thing dictating the type of buildings that can be made using this tech, which opens up a world of new possibilities in the architectural design sphere.

The whole house was printed in a day and then the printer was simply lifted out by a crane. The concrete walls are layered up, with each of the layers being a kind of horizontal truss, which can then be filled with insulation and the electrical system.

This demo house is small, but the printer itself can be used to build a home measuring up to 1420 sq ft (132 sq m). Costs of such construction are low, coming in at about $25 per sq ft ($275 per sq m), while this whole house cost just $ 10,134 to build. This price includes the wiring, finishing, windows and doors, with the wiring costing $ 242 and the interior finishing coming in at $ 1178.

The company plans to use the tech to build homes in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa, Australia, and potentially even Antarctica. Their more far-reaching plans also include building the first settlement on Mars. Their goal is to show the world that construction can be fast, sustainable, affordable, reliable and efficient.