Over the years tiny home designers have gotten a lot better at being able to utilize every bit of interior space to make downsizing a lot more cozy. And this so-called “Artisan Retreat” from tiny house builder Handcrafted Movement is no exception. In fact, it looks so cozy and tastefully decorated that it actually raises the bar a little.



Most of the ground floor of this 24-foot tiny home is taken up by the living area, which features a cozy sofa, and an entertainment center. On one end of this space is a kitchen and it’s without a doubt one of the more spacious ones as far as tiny homes go. It has generous counter space, a four-burner oven, and a big sink. The fridge is hidden beneath the stairs leading up to the sleeping loft. These stairs also act as a storage area.



The loft is just big enough to hold a double bed and is separated off by a copper railing. Personally, I’d be a little afraid of falling off the bed at night, but the design does add a certain openness to the home, which is always welcome in tiny homes. The tiny home also boasts of 4 feet of head space at the apex of the home, mainly due to the interesting, sweeping shape of the roof. The home also features quite a spacious bathroom, which is decorated using copper and wood, and features a shower, sink and toilet. There are a lot of windows throughout the home, which let in plenty of natural light and further add to the feeling of spaciousness.




The home was also sustainably built. The roofing tiles are lightweight, high wind-resistant, and eco-friendly, while the home was insulated with recycled denim and covered with eco-friendly sustainably certified materials. Also, most of the wood used in the project was salvaged.

The Artisan retreat is currently selling for $69,950 and the price includes all the furniture and décor.