This truly odd home is located in Prague, Czech Republic and was designed by the firm Šépka architekti. It was built on a steep slope among trees and is called House in the Orchard. It’s raised off the ground, supported by a concrete stilt, while the living quarters are shaped a lot like a pear. The unique shape and design were chosen to cut down on building costs. The home also quite possibly has the smallest footprint we’ve seen for a good while.


The House in the Orchard has three floors and measures 861 sq ft (80 sq m) in total. It features a complex computer-modeled timber frame and has waterproofed polyurethane insulation on the outside, which is the reason the exterior is grey. The site on which it is located is sloped and full of trees, and by building the home atop a single concrete pillar, they managed to bypass the need to prep the site and alter it to fit a home with a standard concrete foundation.



The house is accessible via a fixed steel footbridge. The interior is very minimalistic in appearance. They left the support beams exposed and the walls unpainted. There is ample glazing though, especially in the living area of the house, and the views are of the picturesque grove stretching out in front of the home. There is also a large skylight, which lets in even more natural daylight and aids ventilation.


The first floor is taken up by the living and dining area, bathroom and kitchen. The master bedroom and a second bathroom are located on the middle floor, while the top-most, third floor is just a single room, which can be used as a study or a guest bedroom.


All in all, this is a unique piece of modern architecture, though some of the interior spaces do appear a bit cramped. I’m not sure how well it would function as a full time home, but it looks absolutely perfect for use as a vacation cabin.