Most people with a family would not even consider moving into a tiny home, but it might not be such a far-fetched idea, as the so-called Brown Bear tiny house, proves. The home was designed and built by Alpine Tiny Homes of Utah. Despite it’s diminutive size, it is still large and spacious enough to comfortably house a family of four. And best of all, it’s also easily towable and can function completely independent of the grid.

The Brown Bear tiny home measures 28 x 8 x 13.6 ft (8.5 x 2.4 x 4.14 m). The ground floor features a spacious kitchen and dining area, which takes up most of the space here. The kitchen is equipped with a sink, propane-powered cooker, and even a full-size refrigerator and freezer. There is also a breakfast bar that can sit all four family members at once, as well as lots of custom-built cabinet space. All the countertops are made of quartz. There is also a small lounge in this area that features a sofa and a TV. The bathroom is separated from the rest of the ground floor by a door, and features a full-size shower, sink, and a composting toilet.




The sleeping areas are located in two lofts. The parents’ bedroom is in the loft above the sitting area, and is accessible via a ladder. The children’s bedroom is located in the loft above the bathroom, and they separated this space in half to give each child some privacy. This loft is also accessible by a ladder.


kids beds

The tiny house is fitted with a solar energy harvesting system, and there is also a Humless backup solar generator just in case. The heating and cooling needs are met by a mini-split air-conditioning and heating unit, while hot water is provided by a tankless hot water heater. The home is clad in tongue and groove, and has a metal roof. It also features lots of windows, which let in plenty of natural daylight and aid ventilation.

The Brown Bear tiny home cost $63,000 to build, which didn’t include the solar power system. The latter raised the total price to $73,000.