The gorgeous hand-built house in question is called Keva Tiny House and it was lovingly designed and built by yoga instructor Rebecca Grim, with some help from her carpenter friend Rudy Hexter and his apprentice Lenny. It is located in the forest on Salt Spring Island, in Canada’s West Coast, and looks like something out of a fairytale.

The home is 22 feet long, and has an indoor area of 168 feet with a 64-square-foot loft. The home also features an 8 ft by 8 ft porch made of pallets so it is easy to dismantle and move should the need arise. The porch is covered with a plexiglass roof, which lets in the light and keeps out the rain.


The interior is just as quaint as the exterior. The home features a cast-iron wood stove, which is set against the wall and covered with rocks. The dining/sitting area is made up of a bench, table and chairs, while large windows let in plenty of natural daylight. The kitchen features a curved wooden counter and all the necessary appliances.





The loft also looks quite spacious, which is mostly due to the shed-like roof and the skylight, which offers great views of the night sky. The house is 15 ft high, since it was designed to be transported by ferries in British Columbia rather than by road, which would require it to be 13.5 ft high.


The home features plenty of storage space, mostly in the form of cleverly spaced closets. The bathroom has a shower, and the hot water is provided by an on demand water heating system. There is also a 5-gallon container outside which is used to collect graywater that is then used to water the garden. The house has no toilet, since Rebecca prefers to use the outhouse.



It took about six months to build the cottage, and it cost roughly $38,500 to do so, all told. Rent for the land it sits on, as well as car parking, laundry and utilities costs a few hundred a month. The savings this arrangement offers will allow Rebecca to travel more, while she also plans to build more such cottages in the future with a view toward selling them.