Shipping container architecture is not getting as much press as it once did, but people are still repurposing cargo containers to build inexpensive and often times very cozy homes. While living in a metal box is certainly not everyone’s idea of the ideal home, there are many advantages to this type of architecture, and it’s up to the individual to decide whether it’s right for them. Perhaps this well designed home by the firm Revival Designs will convince someone of the benefits.

It is called the Intellectual Tiny Home and was created using a standard recycled 40 ft (12 m)-long shipping container. It has a total floorspace of 320 sq ft (29.7 sq m), which is divided up between the living area, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. The exterior was left in pretty much the original condition, but they did add a few rows of cedar shelving, which the occupants can use to grow their own green wall which will further aid in insulation.



The living area is quite spacious and features a sofa and a TV. The kitchen was fitted with a full sized fridge, an induction cook top, a microwave, a dishwasher, and has an ample amount of counter and cabinet space. The bathroom is quite large, and features a full-size shower, toilet, sink and vanity, while there is also enough space left over for a washing machine. The bedroom is spacious too, and has room for a queen-sized bed and closet, which is also used to separate it from the rest of the space.



The home features bamboo flooring throughout, while all the heating needs are met by an electric fireplace in the living room and a flat panel heater in the bedroom. The home gets its electricity via a standard RV hook-up. They opted for closed spray foam for insulation, which they used in the walls, the ceiling and floor.


The home is selling for $62,000 and is located in Longmont, Colorado.