Lansdowne Drive is a passive house that was recently built in London by the firm Tectonics Architects. It’s certainly passive house architecture at its best, and a great example of modern architecture to boot.

The house was built on a very small lot, so they put the lower level half underground to make the most of the available space. Even so, the home only measures 1011 sq ft. The kitchen and living area are located on the upper floor, and this part of the home features large windows that let in plenty of light and offer great views. The lower level houses the entrance, bedrooms and bathrooms.



The home was prefab built out of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and was erected onsite in just two days. They used wood fiber as insulation (placing it on the outside of the CLTs), while the exterior is clad in zinc. In this way, they were able to leave the wood exposed on the inside of the house, which creates a very warm feel. They also left the electrical wiring and conduits exposed, which adds a nice retro touch, though I think this might be something that gets old after awhile and just begins to look unfinished.


As for the passive house stats, this house boasts of some impressive numbers. It has a total heating load of 8 watts per square meter, which comes to 752 watts for the whole house. They achieved such low numbers by installing a panel heater and using electric towel bars in the bathrooms. What’s also very impressive is that the house also cost only about 3900 USD (3000 GBP) per square meter to build.

The home won the 2016 UK Passivhaus Trust Awards in the urban home category. And it certainly deserves it.