Jordan Menzel of Salt Lake City, Utah recently converted a vintage 1976 Airstream Trailer into a cozy, quirky tiny home. He’d come across the trailer by chance and even though he’d never lived in a tiny home before (or a trailer, for that matter), he decided to buy it. It cost him $4000, and it is now a full-time home for him and his young daughter.

The trailer is a 29-foot-long Ambassador class Airstream, and he spent about three months turning it into a home. He started the renovation by first removing all the shag-carpet lining the interior. This was followed by removing the cabinetry, and completely redoing it using reclaimed pallet wood. He also used the latter to build a new closet. He set out to create a very open interior, which now feels cozy and spacious, rather than cramped and cluttered as Airstream interiors tend to be.



Along one side of the living space he installed a long table, which can be used as a kitchen counter or a work area. Across from this counter, there is a sofa, which turns into a bed. The cabinets and closets have plenty of storage space, and there is also enough room for a full sized fridge. There is a large dining table on one end, and it can be transformed into a bed, which is a design element that we’re used to seeing in trailers. The bathroom is also well-sized, and comfortable to use.



After living in it for a while, Jordan is certain he’ll never buy another home. Needless to say, more and more people are finding this type of freedom in downsizing to a small home. In Jordan’s case, he managed to create a very modern and comfortable home, with not a lot of effort. And as he put it, the happiest moment was the first night he slept in his new tiny home.