The firm Dappr Aviation’s Aeropod has come up with a very unique design for garden offices, sheds, bars or extra bedrooms. They are building these structures out of decommissioned planes by using parts of the fuselage as the main building block. The structures are called Aeropods, which is quite an apt name.


Each Aeropod is well-insulated and finished to the highest specification. Electricity and plumbing can also be installed into them. Judging by the renders, it is also possible to install heating into these units in the form of a wood stove. They also offer options such as heated floors, as well as a wide range of internal and/or external finishes. They are even offering to leave the finish in its original state, which I think is a great choice.

To build the Aeropods, they are using the airframes of either an A320 Airbus or a Boeing 737, which they cut in a way that allows them to retain the original aluminum floor bracing, fuselage shell and insulation. One end of the pod is covered by large Low-E glass doors, while the back wall is highly insulated.


Since airplanes are designed to withstand extreme conditions it makes sense to reuse them in some way after they have been deemed redundant and scraped. The latter happens quite quickly these days, due to the advancement of modern avionic, electronic and engine technologies, which make older model planes obsolete as new, more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly models are developed. While a lot of the parts can be refurbished and upgraded, the fuselage is typically not among them.

Judging from the renders, a single fuselage can yield quite a few of these Aeropods. The company is also offering to make them according to the customers wishes and specifications. Since the shell used to build these units is structurally sound from the get-go, I also see no reason not to build larger structures out of them, perhaps even a tiny home.