Who says all tiny homes need to be built from scratch? Bryan and Jen Danger from Portland, Oregon recently converted a garage into their new full time home. The garage is attached to their old house, which they plan to rent out. They did most of the renovation themselves, and it was quite an adventure. But the results are awesome!

The couple had spent the last year travelling through Central America, meaning they had already downsized quite a bit. When they returned home, they realized that they did not have enough stuff left to fill up their three-bedroom house. The high mortgage was also a consideration. Since the existing tenants also wanted to stay on, the couple decided to make the garage their new home.


The garage they renovated measures 480 sq ft (45 sq m). They installed transformer furniture to make the most of the available space, and added a sleeping loft. The kitchen is quite interesting, since it is fitted with a unique rolling dining table. It can either serve as just a kitchen island, or be extended to offer more room when they have friends or family over. The wine rack was handmade by Bryan and it’s quite cool.




The loft is accessible via a set of stairs, which are designed to be hidden away in a wall of storage cabinets. They put the washer and dryer in the space beneath the loft. There is also enough space here for the TV and a built-in fireplace. The bathroom was placed behind the kitchen where the entrance into the main house was located before.


To make the space appear larger and open it up more to the outside world, they installed full-length glazed, folding doors along the front of the garage. They also used a lot of reclaimed materials in the renovation.



After successfully renovating their garage, they’ve now opened a small-space renovation and design business called Zenbox to help others do the same.