In order to be able to tow them, tiny homes must stay within a certain set of dimensions. But this greatly limits the amount of interior space you get. The Idaho-based firm Tiny Idahomes came up with a clever solution to this problem, though to be fair this solution was first adopted by RV and trailer makers. Tiny Idahomes have figured out a way to attach a bedroom, dining room, and lounge to their existing tiny home models in a way that these areas slide out at the push of a button.


Such a tiny house is legally considered an RV and is 26 ft (7.9 m) long. They have yet to name it, and the one pictured above is still just a demo model. The tiny home has a total floorspace of 250 sq ft (23 sq m) and is not usable unless expanded, since all the living areas are squeezed together inside to make it legally towable.



When expanded, the house features a U-shaped kitchen, which appears quite spacious and comfortable to use. The kitchen features a propane powered refrigerator and oven. There is also a bathroom with shower, sink and toilet, as well as a small storage area. The home features three A-frame sections that slide out and by doing so increase the space in the bedroom, living room and dining area.



The slide-out mechanism is operated electrically via a 12 V electric motor. The homes also feature triple-seal protection as well as a built-in gutter to make sure that no water gets inside. It’s also very well insulated, and the walls, floor, and ceiling each have an R-value of R-15. The tiny house can be hooked up to the grid for electricity, and has two 12 V batteries on board. There is also the option of installing a solar power array. The home is also equipped with four water tanks, which are used for storing fresh water, and toilet waste. It costs $68,899.