It’s great when two people whose outlook on life come together, and such is certainly the case with Carissa and Noel, a Californian couple who recently finished constructing their tiny home. Carissa is an interior designer and Noel comes from a construction background so they were perfectly matched in this area too.


The home they built measures just 260 square feet, and they used quite a bit of reclaimed materials to construct it. It’s modern, open and surfer-themed, and rests atop a trailer base so that it can easily be moved around. The first stage was designing the house, which took them a few months. Then they started constructing the home in Noel’s parents’ backyard, with the help of family and friends.


The ground floor features a living area, which is fitted with a custom-made sofa and a couple of ottomans, which double as storage, and can also be used as a table surface. The kitchen takes up one end of this area, and has ample counter space, as well as a full sized sink, a propane-powered stove and fridge. There is also enough space for a small washing machine. The walls here are tiled with recycled glass tile, and the counters are constructed out of bamboo-based Plyboo. A part of the kitchen wall is also covered with so-called Stikwood, which is a thin adhesive paneling made out of reclaimed wood.




A lovely minimalist set of floating stairs leads up to the loft. They are suspended on cable, but are a lot sturdier than they appear. The sleeping loft doesn’t have a lot of headroom, which is a shame. But there are two windows here, which offer great cross-ventilation, as well as a skylight, which does open up the space a bit more. There is also enough room for a closet in this space, which is hidden behind a polycarbonate partition. The bathroom is quite spacious too, and features a bathtub, as well as a composting toilet and sink. An interesting design element here is certainly the niche and the porthole windows.