Having adequate storage space is certainly one of the biggest challenges when living small. There have been a number of very ingenious solutions to this problem in the past, from hiding storage into the stairs, or installing large pieces of transformer furniture which house everything from the closet to the bathroom. But one of the more ingenious solutions is certainly the transformer bed, which opens up into a walk in closet. These are nothing new I grant you, but here are two which look very easy and comfortable to use, and would make a nice addition to any small modern home.


The first is the recently unveiled storage bed by the French firm Parisot. This bed features a sleeping space, shelves and a closet. The shelves act as stairs to get to the bed, while lifting the mattress opens up a walk-in closet, which is rather low by the looks of it. But how much space for clothes do you really need? And this closet looks like it would allow for a very neat and precise organization of clothes.

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There is also a very similar Italian version from Dielle, which looks a little more refined. This closet/bed features two actual stairways, which are also the bedside tables. This bed is also higher, which yields more closet space. The stairways also act as sort of barriers or fences, preventing the sleeper from falling off the bed in the middle of the night.



These types of beds are definitely a neat way to save some space in a small home, especially if you do not want a loft. They would work especially well in small urban apartments or studios, as the space saving is huge. The only real problem is that you and your significant other would probably have to get up at the same time to use the closet comfortably. Though you could always just lay out your clothes for the next day before you go to bed.