Tiny homes are considered too small for families by many, but some are still making it work. Like the couple living in this 400 sq ft home with their baby and dog. Their home was designed by Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins of Idaho.

The so-called Urban Cabin measure s12 ft by 28 ft, and showcases a wonderful blend of rustic and modern elements, complete with a shed-style roof. It’s also quite mobile, since it is considered a park model RV, meaning it’s possible to move it using a semi-trailer truck. Though it wasn’t designed to be hauled around as often as other, smaller tiny homes.



The interior is quite spacious, mainly due to the extra width. The main living space is composed of a sitting room and a kitchen on one end. The kitchen counter is made of recycled glass and is spacious enough for a full-sized fridge. There is also a large shelf for overhead storage. This entire area also features large windows that let in plenty of natural daylight and make the tiny home appear larger. The ceiling was clad in blue pine, which is a nice touch.



The bathroom is located at the other end of the home, opposite the kitchen and is fitted with a composting toilet and well-sized kitchen. The nursery is next to the bathroom and it’s quite large so it won’t be difficult to turn it into a kid’s room as the child grows. The master bedroom is located in a loft, which has sufficient but not an outstanding amount of headspace. It’s accessible via stairs, which are quite narrow. The exterior of the home is clad in dark-stained cedar, while the roof is metal, and both have been allowed to weather naturally.




Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins make homes to order, and the base price for this one was $45,000. They also offer many optional upgrades to choose from.