AVAVA Systems from California has recently unveiled Britespace, a high-end, prefab home that comes in a flat pack and is extremely easy to assemble. It’s also made of sustainable materials and has impressive seismic strength. It comes in three sizes, namely 264, 352 and 480 sq ft, and offers a great choice to those wishing to downsize, as well as anyone building their first home

The home features AVAVA’s special framing system that is very easy to assemble as well as being very sturdy. It only takes a couple of weeks to assemble a Britespace home, as opposed to a few months as is the case with other prefab homes. This framing system differs a lot from the traditional one used by builders everywhere, and features the bare minimum of components. Therefore a Britespace home is assembled using just 16 bolts and no adhesives or nails. The framing system also enables the building of open plan areas and window walls without the need for costly steel assemblies.


The framing system features engineered wood I-joists, which are held together by connectors called Joist-Locks to which AVAVA holds the patent. The frames created in this way can withstand great winds and seismic loads, while the need for plywood shear walls and steel moment resisting frames is also eliminated. These special I-joist space frames also make it easy to install the roof, floor and walls of the home, which are simply fitted into the provided spaces. The homes can also easily be taken apart and reassembled elsewhere.

The home features structural insulated panels (SIPs), Marvin windows, Jet Board and IPE siding. The interior has real oak flooring and LED lighting throughout. All the building materials used are formaldehyde-free and have low-VOC. Very little construction waste is produced in the building process, while the home requires 50 percent less concrete for the foundation as compared to a traditionally built home.




Given the quality of the materials used, the price for this home is pretty steep. The basic version of the 264 sq ft one costs about $60,000, which quickly rises to $90,000 if a kitchen and bathroom are added. However, the company is sure that these prices will be pushed down once production is scaled up.