The aptly named Tinhouse designed by Rural Design Architects and built on the picturesque Isle of Skye is a great example of sustainable architecture done right. The façade is clad in tin to protect against the elements, while most of the other materials used to construct the house were either recycled or repurposed.

The home measures about 700 square feet and stands in stark contrast to the traditional crofthouses dotting the landscape in the area, yet still blends in with its surroundings almost seamlessly. The home features a single bedroom, a kitchen, bathroom and a living area.



It was built using recycled wood, and even most of the interior furnishings were made from recycled or repurposed materials. While it doesn’t feature many windows, the interior is nevertheless quite cozy and modern. They did cut a long narrow window into the north side of the home, which offers expansive views of the surrounding countryside, without exposing the home too much to the vicious storms that often hit the area. The home also features large skylights, which let in plenty of light, so the interior is far from dark and dreary.


The home was built as a rental property and the architects that designed it also used it as a learning tool, so that they may improve future builds. It’s a boxy home, with few windows, but as a result it will likely not require much maintenance over the years. The simple form of the home also ensures efficiency, while the home offers a perfect and safe hideaway in times when the weather is raging outside. Personally I would like to see more of a deck from which to enjoy the outdoors. While the one attached to this home is quite spacious, it is uncovered, though I suppose this problem would be easy to solve.