Washing machines use up a lot of energy and water, so having one when you’re striving for off-grid living is not a convenient option. But the so-called Yirego Drumi washing machine solves this problem. It is powered by a foot pedal and needs no electricity to operate. As such it would make a great addition to any sustainable home.

The Yirego Drumi measures 22 inches in height and has a ball drum, which accommodates about five pounds of clothing or other linen at a time. This drum is moved by pumping the foot pedal. And while it might not be a great solution for a family, but for camping trips, students or a couple living in a tiny house it would come in quite handy.


According to the makers of this washing machine, it uses 80 percent less water and detergent than a regular washing machine. One load needs 10 liters of water (five for washing and five for rinsing), which is actually quite comparable to hand washing. If you’re worried about how much foot pumping the machine needs, don’t be. It only takes about six minutes to wash one load. That’s three minutes for the washing (though you might want to repeat this stage a couple of time, depending on how dirty the clothes are), two minutes for rinsing and one minute for the centrifuge process.

The lid of the washing machine is used to measure out the correct amount of water, and this water can be drained with the press of a button at the end of the cycle. The water is drained through the bottom, so the Drumi can be used over a tub or shower, and even outside.

The washer can be pre-ordered for $129 and the first units will be available in early 2017. If there’s enough interest they might even start making larger units, which would be great.