Nido House is yet another pretty tiny home made from cardboard, a building material that seems to be catching on lately. This home can function off-the-grid, since it’s equipped with a solar power system and a rainwater recovery system, among other things, and it is available in various sizes and designs. It was created by Italian architect Francesca Fadalti and her business partner Michela Romano.


Nido House is technically still in development, but it will be offered in three sizes, namely 172 sq ft (16 sq m), 210 sq ft (19.6 sq m) and 250 sq ft (23.2 sq m). It will be shipped to the owner in flatpack packages on a pallet. The owner will be able to customize the color and design of the exterior walls, by simply choosing among the options on the company website.

possible design

Future owners will also be able to pick the interior layout of their Nido house. A Nido House can thus be used as a tiny home, a spare bedroom, a temporary shop, office or other place of business, to name a few. They also envisage them as being used as refugee shelters .


The home is also fully recyclable. It has a core made of cardboard, which is then covered with a protective film and a vinyl-like covering, which are made from recyclable plastic. They claim it will be very easy to assemble, and all the power comes from the roof-top mounted solar panel array. The home will be heated with a wood-burning stove, and will feature a rainwater collection system, as well as black water recycling system, and even a composting toilet. There is also a shower.



Since the home is still in the design stage, there is no word yet on the more technical aspects of the build, nor the final price. The designers behind the project have, however, already launched a hotel business with housing similar in design to the Nido House, which they are calling Nido House TH. This will be a temporary hotel, since each model is only used for 120 days at a time. The first of these units is currently located on the grounds of a B&B in Sulzano, Italy.