We’ve seen trailers turned into tiny homes, so using a caravan for the same purpose is obviously not that big a stretch. Plus, caravans have the added bonus of being more whimsical in that it just takes you back to those fun carnivals you visited as a kid. At least that’s how I feel about them.

This tiny house was designed by the firm Miramari Design from the Czech Republic and they called it Maringotka (which is actually the Czech work for “caravan”). It measures just 258 square feet, and features a very modern interior. It is well insulated, and was fitted with double-glazed windows. It also has several heating options to choose from, so it is suitable for year-round living. It’s not entirely mobile though, since it’s a bit too wide to be moved on roads in Europe without special permits.



The caravan features a steel frame and walls made of spruce. Most of one of the longer sides of the tiny home is covered by glazing, which together with the quaint round window at one end lets in ample amounts of natural light. There is a sofa bed under the window, which looks incredibly cozy.


The middle section of the caravan is taken up by a dining area, while the kitchen is at the other end. The latter is quite modern and features a full-size stove, a fridge and built-in cabinets for storage. The bathroom also has a round window.


This tiny home is definitely a great example of how easily the old and the new can be blended into a cozy and well-designed home. This one would make an awesome vacation cabin, in my opinion. Though I kind of wish they painted the exterior a color that’s more fun than charcoal, but to each their own, I guess.