Wouldn’t it be nice to have a relaxing green oasis right in your living room, which you could retreat to whenever you wished to, come rain or shine? Well, now you can…sort of. Alexandra Kehayoglou makes rugs, which are designed to resemble and feel like lush nature scenes. She makes these rugs using recycled scraps of carpet thread that she collects from a carpet factory that is owned by her family in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Most of her works of art—I think it is safe to call them that—feature both a ground cover and the backdrop of nature meant to create the feeling of, for example, lying on a bed of moss, a grassy meadow, a sandy beach, pastures or even a snow covered landscape.


So, when one of her rugs is put in a home, it really does evoke the feeling of being in one of these nature settings. Alexandra makes these rugs by hand, first designing them, and then creating them piece by piece. It takes a long time to make every single carpet this way, but the end result is worth it, especially for Alexandra who considers these “pastures” and “refuges”, as she refers to them, transformative elements that allow imagination to soar and the mind to heal.



The above is a very artistic way of putting it, but it is true that being closer to nature has a lot of positive health benefits. And these rugs are a great way to bring nature into your home, which is especially beneficial if you happen to live in an apartment in the city with little access to sprawling natural settings.