There are a lot of ways to get “back to nature” some of which are readily apparent, while others are more unique. The beautiful furniture pieces made by Sebastian Errazuriz, a NYC-based designer from Chile, certainly fall into the latter category. He uses fallen tree branches to make bookshelves, tables, and more, while the idea behind his work is to recycle the wood in its natural shape, rather than processing it into some new and unrecognizable form.

He salvages fallen branches, then begins the process of creating his unique furniture pieces by first sanding them down to achieve a uniform surface. He then coats the branches with a black, matte lacquered finish, which gives them a very elegant yet natural look. To create the actual furniture pieces he places clear glass shelves over the branches in strategic ways, depending on the final purpose of the piece of furniture he’s making. Due to the clear glass shelves and their clever placing, it appears like the objects stored on these pieces of furniture are floating in the air, or are actually supported only by the branches.


The higher concept behind this project, as the designer explains it, is trying to get people to see the obvious and everyday a little differently. I think he’s achieved that, and that these pieces would make a great addition to any home. Due to the nature of the material, each piece is also one-of-a-kind.


One of the best pieces is certainly the desk that is made from a larger branch and a glass top. The original shape of the small tree, or perhaps bush, used for it wasn’t altered very much, so it’s like bringing a piece of the forest right into the living room. I want one!