Downsizing makes a lot of sense not just for home owners, but also for business owners. The same question applies to both, namely how much space do we really need to live a good and productive life? The architectural firm Studio106 from New Zealand was recently faced with this question, when the renewal of their 1,022 sq ft (95 sq m) office space came up for review. Upon thorough consideration, they opted not to renew the lease, instead designing and building a mobile tiny office, which measures only 97 sq ft (9 sq m).

One of the main reasons for the switch was the fact that a mobile office would allow them to enjoy nature and the great outdoors while working, and it also allows them to be closer to the building sites of the projects they’re working on. Their new office is a converted retro caravan and they re-designed and outfitted it with help from the local business Retro Events.


They managed to keep the conversion costs low, and it only took them 7 days to create the office. They started by stripping the interior to a bare minimum, then adding some necessary furniture such as desks, chairs and shelves. The two main concerns were security and weight. They solved the latter by fitting the office with specially designed cardboard desks, which were made for them by the company Refold. These desks can easily be packed up and moved around, while they weigh next to nothing. They are also easy to move around when the office needs to be packed up securely for the night.


They also created an outdoor working area, which is comprised of shipping pellets, a desk and some chairs. Overall, this type of office is a great way to save money, be closer to nature, and enjoy the freedom that working in a traditional office just does not offer. The fact that it’s mobile also means that you can work in a new location everyday. I for one know that this alone would do wonders for my creativity.