The Canada-based firm Honomobo has recently unveiled a new line of prefab shipping container dwellings. They are offering living spaces that can serve as a tiny house, a garage suite, or an annex/accessory suite. The sizes of these homes vary, and they can be outfitted with a solar power array should the customer need it.


Four models of these homes are currently available. The smallest model, called H01, is constructed using a single shipping container and measures 144 sq ft (13 sq m). They are marketing it as an extra bedroom, or guesthouse, and it is equipped with a bedroom and bathroom. It costs $38,801, before taxes and shipping, though this price does include installation.


The next version is the H02, which is made up of two shipping containers, which yield a total living space of 352 sq ft (32.7 sq m). This model would make a great tiny home, and features a kitchen, lounge area, as well as a bedroom and bathroom. It costs $78,646.


The firm also offers models H03 and H04, which are quite spacious. The H03 measures 528 sq ft (50 sq m) and the H04 is 640 sq ft (60 sq m). Each of them feature two bedrooms, along with a spacious kitchen, lounge and bedroom. They cost $102,743 and $120,136 respectively.

According to Honomobo these homes are very flexible and can even be installed atop an existing structure such as a garage. They also represent a great way to perhaps add an annex or accessory suite to a home. Another great thing about their design is that they can be joined together and stacked easily to form a larger home.


All the models have a very high insulation rating, which is R20 for the walls and R40 for the roof. The insulation can be upgraded to R40 and R60 by paying extra. All the homes come with an electric heating system, though customers have the option to add in an energy-efficient air-source heat pump and air-source hot water tank package. A rooftop mounted solar array is also an option.