Samuel Gonclaves is a Portuguese architect who has recently introduced a unique modular housing system, which allows for the assembly of a modern home in just three days. He has named it the Gomos System, and it was funded by 18 local companies.


In a nutshell, the Gomos System is made up of a series of singular reinforced concrete modules, which are prefabricated at a factory, and then joined together to form a home. A Gomos home is created in four stages, the first of which is the prefabrication at the factory. Next comes the prefabrication of interior and exterior finishings and features, followed by transportation and assembly on site. This means that the prefab modules already contain all the home’s final features when they are transported to the construction site. These features include interior furnishings, insulation, flooring, windows, doors, water facilities, electricity, and the entire external facade.



The Gomos System is also highly flexible, and each prospective owner can customize it to receive their dream home. Due to the modular nature of the process, the homes can be as big or as small as desired, and they can even be expanded over time by simply adding extra modules. Each gomos unit can measure up to 7.70 ft wide and 19.35 ft deep (2,35 m by 5,9 m) while they can also be adapted for construction on various types of terrain.


Large windows can be installed on the outside walls of the home, offering lots of light and letting fresh air enter the home. However, with the addition of more modules to the home, some of the rooms can become closed off internally and therefore much darker. To solve this, the Gomos home features two large glass walls at either end, as well as a number of skylights, which enable light to reach the innermost sections.

Among the optional features the customers will be able to choose from is a solar panel array. They can also choose among various types of external claddings, floor, paints, window frames, and more. The base model of the home will cost about $55,000, with the price rising depending on the optional features the client orders.