The units are located in the Admiral District of Seattle, which is within walking distance of parks, dining, and shopping. Since the office and home part of these units are separated so well, the owners can also opt to rent just one part out to supplement their income.




These units make it easier to work from home, while they were also constructed according to Built Green specifications, being built in a way that would earn them a 5-Star score, according to Dwell. To achieve this score, the homes feature a weather-resistant barrier system, triple-glazed windows, heat recovery ventilation systems and tankless water heaters. Also, in as much as possible, reclaimed, repurposed and sustainable building materials were used in the construction process. These include reclaimed wooden flooring and countertops. The tiling was made using recycled materials, while the cabinetry was all sourced from local providers.

According to Dwell, the roof is also ready to be fitted with solar panels, though they have not been installed yet. Should the owners install the solar panels, though, then the units would also be net zero energy.