As it is in many cities across the globe, living space in Hong Kong can get expensive. This is especially true and problematic when you are still in school. However, for those staying at Campus Hong Kong, this is less of a problem. This student accommodation space is designed in a way that provides affordable living/working space, yet still offers privacy to the residents.

Campus offers rooms which can fit up to four people, with each room also equipped with a central table that can be used for studying, eating and socializing. The beds are raised above this space and are in the form of bunk-like cubicles. Each of them comes with a curtain that can be used to gain added privacy. All of the bed units also have a desk built-in underneath, as well as shelves, drawers that can be locked, luggage space and a clothes rail.


The beds can be accessed via steel ladders, which are functional, yet take up very little room. The bed cubicles also have electrical wall sockets and reading lights. Each of the rooms is equipped with a kitchen and bathroom, while they also come with a blank blackboard ceiling, which allows the residents to customize it as they wish, adding their own unique touch to the room.



The Campus building also has a communal area that includes a common room, a café, a gym, as well as a swimming pool. The Campus was designed by LYCS Architecture and built in the bottom three levels of what was once a hotel in the Tsuen Wan district of Hong Kong. The first thing they did was remove some of the walls to create more spacious rooms, so each of the units now measures about 291 sq ft (27 sq m).

common area

The prices at Campus Hong Kong are still pretty steep though, seeing as a bed goes for about $774 a month. This price does include all the management and utility costs though, as well as a cleaning service and bus transport.