One of the best things about downsizing to a smaller home is the ease and speed of the construction of such homes. And the so-called Box Homes, designed and produced by the Bert and May Group of London, UK really outshine the competition in this, since they can be assembled in just one day.

The Box Homes they offer are available in several sizes, which range from an 82 sq ft (7.7 sq m) tiny version to a more luxurious 495-sq ft (46-sq m) version. The homes are all prefabricated off-site, and take about 14 weeks to manufacture, after which they can usually be built in just one day. Once set up, these are fully functional small homes, while they are also made using sustainable and eco-friendly materials, and feature structural insulation and a green roof. All homes also have a small terrace attached to them.




All of the Box Homes are designed with a view toward comfort and affordability. They feature an efficient heating system, good insulation, enough storage space, as well as windows that let in plenty of natural light and provide good ventilation. In addition to this, the homes are all built using reclaimed and sustainable materials, which include weathered barn oak that is used for the exterior and interior walls, flooring made of reclaimed timber, and double glazed aluminum doors and toughened glass windows.


The Teeny Box is the smallest version of the home, measuring 82 sq ft (7.7 sq m). It is basically a one-room shelter, and has no bathroom or kitchen. It is primarily meant as a tiny retreat, home office, art studio or even a guest room. Next is the Little Box, which measures 205 sq ft (19 sq m), and is a one-bedroom, studio home that has a separate bathroom. The One Bedroom Big Box and Two Bedroom Big Box both measure 495 sq ft (46 sq m), though the latter has a higher ceiling. The main difference between the two is the extra bedroom, and they both feature a wall kitchen, a spacious open plan living and dining area, and bathroom.




All the homes feature a steel frame and durable wood cladding, while the homes are also able to withstand most weather conditions and have a 10-year structural guarantee. The green roof that each of them comes with works to regulate the interior temperature both in the summer and winter, while prospective buyers can also choose the add on of a solar thermal energy system with an air source heat pump to their home, if they wish. Prices range from $38,400 for the Teeny version to $269,000 for the two-bedroom version.