UrbanCampsite recently constructed in Amsterdam is a collection of small shelters, which push the boundaries of modern design. While still efficient, they do focus more on artistic aesthetics and offer a great getaway spot for those seeking unique and “out-there” alternatives. The collection of tiny shelters is located on the artificial island of Centrumeiland in the IJburg city district of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This location was previously barren, so the tiny shelters serve the purpose of enlivening it once again.

All the shelters are rentable, and a lot of them were constructed using recycled or recyclable materials. They all offer comfortable sleeping accommodations. The whole site is envisioned as a camping site, so there are all the regular facilities available to the renters.

All of the shelters are unique and unusual in some way. One such is definitely the shelter called “Upside down you turn me,” which was designed by Rob Sweere. It looks like an L-shaped part of a giant plastic machine. Entry into the sleeping and lounging part is possible via a ladder, while the patio of sorts is located under it and provides pleasant shade, and is supported by two thin poles.



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Another unique shelter is called “The Attic,” and it was designed by Arjen Boerstra. The entire structure is made of wood, and was inspired by the attic Boerstra remembers from his youth. The entire design is quite childish, yet projects a very whimsical feel.


“Solid Family” was designed by Boomhuttenfest and features two ground level pods, which are connected by a corridor. The structure can sleep up to four people, and there is a comfy queen-sized bed in each pod.