KantoorKaravaan is a sustainable and fully equipped office space, which is located far from the stressful hustle and bustle of the city. More precisely, it is located in a forest, surrounded by nature, which is very conductive to productive and creative work. It was designed by The Tipping Point Foundation of Holland and can function completely off-the-grid.


KantoorKaravaan in Dutch means “office caravan” and actually consists of several tiny offices. These range from smaller workspaces suitable for two or three workers, to larger board room-style models. Each of these is fully mobile, and fitted with a solar power array and battery, which is powerful enough to charge a laptop and other gadgets, as well as power the LED lights and an espresso machine. Internet is provided via a MiFi mobile Internet router.


There is an efficient biomass cooker for preparing food and heating the water, while overnight renters can sleep in tents provided for this purpose. Because the whole setup is mobile, it can easily be moved around the countryside as well. It is powered by solar energy and equipped with composting toilets for full comfort of the occupants and minimal impact to the environment.

The office space will be rented out as a desk-sharing service. For those who are strapped for cash, they will also accept services, such as maintenance of the caravans and surrounding structures, as a form of payment for office space.


The office space is versatile and can be rearranged to cater to a variety of needs. It is also spacious enough to accommodate groups, as well as single workers. According to the designers, the mobile office community is expanding, and they are still working on converting even more vintage mobile homes into offices. They are also planning on expanding into other countries, such as Sweden, Greece, Spain and the US.

Given that the offices are made of repurposed campers makes them even more eco-friendly. There are also several benefits to working in nature rather than in an over crowded city office. According to several studies being in nature reduces stress, prevents burn-outs and leads to a higher quality of work and greater productivity.