The main living space is comprised of a galley kitchen that has an 8-foot long counter space and is equipped with a pressure-free denatured alcohol cook stove. A set of sliding doors off the kitchen lead to a bathroom, which is fitted with a bathtub. The ground level also features an office, that doubles as a dressing room with two closets.





The Lilypad can be used on- and off-grid. The heat is provided via a wall-mounted Dickinson woodstove and Envi unit. The power is supplied by a four-panel, 940-watt solar panel array. There is a composting toilet, as well as a rainwater collection and storage system, with a filtration system that provides bathing and washing water

The Lilypad cost $30,000 to build, which includes labor. Anita has also started experimenting with aeroponics to grow some of her own food and save water in the process.