Forster has grown used to living in small spaces during the years he spent travelling the country in a van, so the transition to living in this tiny treehouse was not that difficult for him to make. Both parts of the home were built atop specially designed platforms. The main residence part features a kitchen and living area, which is small yet cozy. One of the more unique aspects is certainly the loft bedroom, which hangs over the door on chains. It’s not for everyone, but it does look great.



Prior to embracing the simple life, Forster used to live and work in New York City, but the costs soon got too much to bear. He now works full time from his treetop home, since he has Wi-Fi and 4G Internet, which, according to him, is all he really needs.

However, the treehouse cost him around $170,000 to build, which is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Though the two treehouses are mostly built of wood, Foster did build a huge skate bowl on the property, which was dug into the hillside and constructed using reinforced cement, so all told the carbon footprint of this project was quite big.