The design firm CannonDesign, or more precisely their design studio Yazdani Studio, recently introduced a unique and modern Sleeping Pod, which will be used as student housing at the University of Utah’s Lassonde Studios. The Sleeping Pod is a fully furnished dorm room, and could also easily be used as a guesthouse, office space, extra bedroom or temporary housing.


The Sleeping Pod is a prefab building, constructed out of CNC-cut plywood and with a nested wood rib structure. The outer shell is made of fiberglass. Each pod also has connections for air conditioning, electricity, and water. The units can also be moved easily when required using a pallet jack or a container dolly.


Even though the Sleeping Pod measures just 55 square feet (5 sq m) it still offers all one would expect from a dorm room. The interior layout of the Sleeping Pod includes a full-sized bed that has built in storage underneath, a nightstand, closet, plenty of bookshelves, a medicine cabinet, a space for a TV, and a full-length mirror. The illusion of spaciousness is further achieved by the large floor-to-ceiling windows that cover one side of the pod and let in plenty of natural daylight. The pods also feature a curtain for privacy and come with integrated acoustic panels, which reduce noise. The bathrooms and kitchen will be communal though.

The Sleeping Pod is still in the prototype stage, but they plan to build 80 units and install them at the University of Utah’s Lassonde Studios, where it will serve as the sleeping and meeting spot of the students, most of which are also aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs. The Sleeping Pods will be done by late 2016.