The firm Nice Architects of Bratislava, Slovakia is currently in the process of building a very interesting micro shelter. They are calling it the Ecocapsule, and, once completed, it will operate off-the-grid, boasting a lot of sustainable and green technologies. The company hopes to start selling these eco-friendly pods by the end of this year.


The Ecocapsule measures 175.9 x 94.7 x 97.9 in (446.8 x 240.7 x 248.7 cm) and has a floorspace of 86 sq ft (8 sq m), so it is indeed tiny. Despite it’s modest size, the home features a small kitchen, a living/dining/working area, a toilet, shower, and a bed. The pod has 2 fully operable windows that let in plenty of light, and one door. The Ecocapsule can also be transported by a trailer. It works great as an extra bedroom, a tiny home, office, or a more glamorous alternative for those camping trips.



The sustainable technology incorporated into the design is quite impressive. The Ecocapsule will have a 28 sq ft (2.6 sq m) solar array mounted on the roof, with an integrated battery system. It will also be equipped with a 750 W wind turbine installed on a retractable pole. The home also features a composting toilet. There is also a rainwater collection and filtration system in place, which takes care of all the water needs, including drinking water.


The company will show the prototype at this year’s Pioneers festival in Vienna, Austria on May 28. They have not yet announced the price they plan to sell these units for, but they say it will be competitive. It’s certainly nice to see more and more such innovative, eco-friendly shelters popping up. This one looks like a great tent replacement, and it is interesting how they managed to integrate the solar panels right into the roof of the pod.