The company Dyson has come up with an efficient LED bulb, which they claim can last 37 years. Apparently this innovation comes down to the much better cooling technology that they have developed which greatly extends the lifespan of the bulbs. According to Dyson, the other LED makers are fully aware that it’s the cooling issue that makes the bulbs fail, but they are not doing anything to fix that. Dyson, on the other hand, is doing something about it.

It’s well known that effectively cooling LEDs has been a problem for bulb makers in the past. LED bulbs don’t turn as hot as classic light bulbs, but they do still heat up which over time degrades them and makes them fail. Usually, the bulb makers mitigate this by including heat sinks in the base of the bulbs, which allows air to circulate and the heat to escape. Dyson’s solution is different.


The bulbs in the task light, which Dyson used to show the new technology, do not feature a round heat sink. Instead, these bulbs are connected to a horizontal heat pipe technology, which is similar to that used in satellites. Dyson’s version of the heat sink is aluminum, and is effective at drawing heat away from the bulbs. According to Dyson, this heat sink technology allows the bulbs to maintain a steady temperature of 131º F while also preserving the LED’s phosphorus coating, which allows them to burn for much longer. In fact, Dyson claims that at 12 hours of non-stop daily use these bulbs should last for 37 years.

The task light they presented is called CSYS, and its unique design makes it possible to move the light 360 degrees using horizontal and vertical sliding arms. The lamp has eight bulbs, which provide 587 lumens per square meter of light, and it also features touch-sensitive dimming. It’s quite expensive though, and currently costs around $610. The technology looks quite promising, from a sustainability point of view, so lets hope more affordable options soon become available.