Ibuku, a team of designers and builders headed by Elora Hardy in Bali make houses out of bamboo, one of the most sustainable, versatile and strongest materials available. While bamboo is a great building material on all fronts it is challenging to work with, which is why so few builders use it. Ibuku seems to have found the answer though. Elora and her team wish to raise the awareness about this great material, which has the same strength as concrete or steel, is abundant and can regenerate in just a few years.


Ibuku have recently built a large house called Sharma Springs out of bamboo. The home was designed and built for the Sharma family as a jungle retreat, and features 6 levels and four bedrooms. It measures a luxurious 8072 square feet (750 sq m) and overlooks the Ayung river valley in Bali. It was made entirely out of bamboo, including most of the furniture and interior décor. The house can be entered through a tunnel-bridge, which leads to a spacious open plan living, dining, and kitchen area on the 4th level.







Staircases circle around the central tower of the building and lead to the other levels of the home. There are four bedrooms, a playroom for kids, and a library. Each of these is enclosed so as to allow for efficient air conditioning. The structure itself is enclosed within full length spinning glass windows. There is also a lookout located on the 6th floor, which offers stunning views of the Ayung river valley and Green Village.