Wouldn’t it be great if you could just buy one box and it was enough to furnish an entire room or small apartment? For people who move a lot, and especially college students the answer is probably a yes. And that is exactly what Room in a Box offers.


The name is quite suggestive since Room in a Box is actually a large cardboard box, which contains a complete set of furniture. It features a bed with storage, a desk and chair, and a dresser. The only thing you need to buy is a mattress. What’s even better is that it is all made of cardboard, so it’s both recycled and recyclable. The furniture can be assembled in about half an hour, according to the designers.


Furniture made out of cardboard might sound a bit flimsy, but judging by the photos it looks to be pretty sturdy. The designers also say that they have been using the prototype desks for the past three years in their day to day business and that they are still going strong.

Every piece of furniture in the box can be assembled by one person with no tools or glue needed. This is achieved by clever slotting and folding the cardboard. The furniture pieces can even be disassembled and packaged back into the box for another move, though I would imagine that once that happens, the furniture will never be the same again. The whole set of furniture comes in a box, which has handles and wheels and can easily be lugged around by a single person. And anyone who’s ever had to carry heavy pieces of furniture up the stairs will appreciate that.


The company who makes Room in a Box is currently raising funds to begin mass production. An early bird version of it can be purchased for just $149 through their IndieGoGo campaign. Apart from student apartments, there are a number of other uses where this set of furniture could come handy, such as in daycares, temporary disaster relief housing, and even guest houses.