The tiny home built by Shelley and Joshua is yet another example of how spacious a small home can be. They’ve equipped their 224-square-foot tiny home with a spacious kitchen, full bathroom, and a sleeping area that has adequate headroom.


Joshua and Shelley are avid campers, and in mid 2014 they decided it might be time to downsize when it comes to their permanent living arrangement as well. They started the build with a few non-negotiable stipulations, such as wanting to have a full-sized refrigerator, lots of counter space in the kitchen, stairs to the loft instead of a ladder, and enough space to host parties from time to time. They enlisted the help of family and friends, and the crew of Tiny House Nation, and their new tiny home was built in just 7 days.

The home has a footprint of 32-foot by 8.5-foot and rests atop a 28-foot by 8.5-foot extra-wide trailer, which was custom made for them. The trailer also features electric brakes on both axles, which is fitting for a tiny home of this size. To gain extra room, the 2 lofts cantilever out from the home on both sides by 24 inches. The home is also fitted with solar, panels, which provides the necessary power. The heating comes via an “Unforgettable Fire” Kimberly stove.

kitchen bed